Jasper Morris 2020
Red Wines
2020, Corton Bressandes Grand Cru

One single 350 litre barrel, not new. Powerful purple, not as black as the Pommard Grands Epenots. Rich ripe fruit, still retaining balance. The same valuable freshness that has helped many 2020s at the finish, behind a deep raspberry fruit. Good length, well balanced, a powerful wine which will stay in a recognisable register. Tasted: October 2021. 92-95 points

2020, Pommard Les Grands Epenots 1er Cru

Heady black purple with a luxury super-ripe fruit on the nose. Utterly massive and still with a freshness at the finish, but this has a 2019 richness almost on steroids. Ultra-powerful, very ripe, but the pH of the acidity saves the day. Blackberry and peach among the flavour profile. Just a little bit too rich for my palate but those who enjoy the riper end of the spectrum will be thrilled by this. Tasted: October 2021. 88-92 points

2020, Pommard Les Chanlins Vieilles Vignes 1er Cru

From vines approaching 95 years old. Excellent deep but fresh purple, without the black. Altogether fresher in fruit, higher on the hill, this has come through really well, has intensity but has stayed absolutely fresh with excellent length Tasted: October 2021. 92-94 points

2020, Volnay Clos de la Chapelle 1er Cru

The colour shows the usual rich purple of the vintage. Here the nose is darker and inkier than the Taillepieds. Heady, voluminous, dark cherry fruit with a little touch of chocolate. Fairly massive with a light bitterness at the finish which may well be useful. Impressive length in any case. The balance is a little hard to call at the moment, but if all goes well in the rest of the elevage this wine will deserve its four stars and will come out towards the top of my score range. Tasted: October 2021. 91-94 points

2020, Volnay Taillepieds 1er Cru 

Just the old vines. Dense black purple. There is a wealth of ripe fruit just being hinted at on the nose, how will it emerge? Too dark, or just beautifully concentrated? Actually, this will be lovely for those who enjoy the riper profile, and it has not lost its balance. The Taillepieds underwent a later malolactic fermentation which is keeping the wine backward and reserved, but the potential is certainly there. Tasted: October 2021. 91-94 points

2020, Volnay En Carelle 1er Cru

Picked on 20thAugust. Lively vivid deep purple. Inky depths, red and rather more black fruit with some chocolate notes. All destemmed. The ripeness is a little bit too extreme for my palate. Tasted: October 2021. 86-89 points

2020, Volnay 1er Cru 

Made with the young vines from Taillepieds. When these grow up enough to be included in the main wine, there will be young vines from other vineyards to continue this label. Inkily deep purple. The first to be picked on 18th, and it was time. The youth of the vines makes for a slightly dry finish, allied to plump fruit of no more than medium length. Tasted: October 2021. 88-91 points

2020, Beaune Les Teurons 1er Cru

The plot which has not been pulled out for replanting is just below Grèves. Dense purple centre with gentler rim, the bouquet is in dark fruit but has maintained balanced, not cooked. Perhaps a little sweetly ripe at the finish, but with amazing intensity for this terroir and will need a lot more elevage. Just two barrels. Tasted: October 2021. 90-93 points.

2020, Beaune Champs Pimont 1er Cru

Made with 15% whole bunches. Very intense almost black purple. The bouquet is very backward, dark fruit not yet showing detail, some coffee notes, not too dry at the finish, where the wines starts to open out a little more. Will be good in a style which is unusually powerful for this site. Tasted: October 2021. 89-92 points

White Wines
2020, Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru

Ex Laleure Piot. Pale lemon and lime. This is very different from the Pierre Meurgey label Corton-Charlemagne, though the plots are next door and picked on the same day. This version is much less exotic in aromatics, much more chiselled, and is actually very fine with youthful mineral bitters. Long salient steely finish. A Corton-Charlemagne success this year, with the wood perfectly integrated. Tasted: October 2021. 94-97 points

2020, Pernand-Vergelesses Sous Frétille 1er Cru

Mid yellow, a rich and ripe nose, a little musky, good energy behind, a very lively fruit through the middle, correct acidity, less oak in evidence, being made in two barrels, neither of them new. Lovely long finish, with a little touch of salinity. Tasted: October 2021. 90-93 points

2020, Beaune Les Reversées 1er Cru 

From 0.35ha including some young vines where pinot was recently and reasonably converted to chardonnay. Fine lemon and lime colour. There is a good energy of fruit here from this terroir which does suit white grapes. Medium bodied, good energy at the back, some white fruit, a sound oaking to follow, nicely done. Tasted: October 2021. 90-92 points