Bill Nanson 2012
A super set of wines

2012 Volnay 1er En Carelle: Or if you prefer, En Carelle Sous la Chapelle!

Quite a deep, medium-plus color. The nose offers high-tones mixed with a little spice and something that reminds me of dried cranberries - lovely. There's a fine sweetness of fruit in the mouth, and real 1er Cru dimension of flavor with an added floral impression. Lovely finish too. Very fine!

2012 Volnay 1er Clos de la Chapelle : Normal production would be 8 barrels of wine; this vintage it's 1.5 - so 66.67% new oak!

Medium-plus color. The nose is finer and more elegant versus the 'Carelle." In the mouth, the impression is more lithe, narrow and mineral - rather intense too, with high-toned fruit. It's a little like a Caillerets. There's a really good reprise of flavor in the finish too. Yum!

2012 Beaune 1er Teurons : Another low yield; normally 4 barrels, here just 2.

Medium, medium-plus color. There's a faint reduction and slightly shy fruit. The flavor is wide and round, and there's a slight 'drag' from the tannin. Lots of flavor interest here, concentrated dark-red fruit. Really good expansion of flavor in the mid-palate - it almost 'pops'!

2012 Pommard 1er Chanlins : Only one barrel.

Medium-plus color. Beautiful, dark, almost blue fruit. The palate here is much wider than that of the Beaune, but maybe less deep. Overall I find a lovely character here. There's a slowly growing extra-dimension of flavor in the mid-palate that lasts really well in the finish.